At iNutrition we believe that every person, old and young, should have the best eating experience - with their long-term health being the ultimate goal.

What you eat today will affect your health now and in the future.



Want to learn more about breastfeeding before giving birth?

We provide antenatal classes or one-on-one consultations.

We provide home visits as Certified Lactation Consultant - no one wants to travel with a newborn.

If you need assistance in the hospital, we will come.


Eating can be a big experience that children struggle with. They need the right help to give them the best start in life.

We believe every child should be equipped to enjoy food - even neurodivergent children. Children with special needs are often overlooked and our focus is to help and support them to experience the joys of eating.


People with Diabetes Mellitus are on the

rise. Getting the right help is important to manage your blood glucose properly.

We provide help for people living with

Diabetes, geriatrics, weight-loss, as well as

other diseases of lifestyle

*All weigh-ins are done using a Body Composition Scale


Introduction to solids can be a rough

time for parents.

What, when, where and how are

questions that will be answered in the


It consists of a practical and tasting!

Good Nutrition

Starts at Birth

A good relationship with food starts at birth. Our focus is to foster the intuitive eating that a child is born with. From infancy to adolescence is the critical time when good eating behaviour is formed.

Young children need help as soon as possible to prevent fussy eating, leading to limited and unhealthy food choices.

Do you want to grow old, being in good health?

No one wants to grow old and feel unwell.

We want to grow old in good health and with no unnecessary illnesses.

If one has comorbidities such as cholesterol, hypertension or Diabetes Mellitus (just to name a few), it needs to be managed so that it does not influence your life in a negative way.

We aim to help adults reach this goal of good health.

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